Fish Fraud

Fish Mislabeling
The mislabeling of fish, sometimes in error but often deliberate, impacts all sectors of the fishing industry. Legitimate fish harvesting operations experience unfair competition from unscrupulous fishermen, processors accept cheaper varieties of fish to subsequently sell to vendors, retailers and restaurants pay high prices for inferior varieties of fish, and all additional costs are passed along to consumers. Seafood ID™ from ACGT, Inc. allows clients to identify fraud and make informed decisions.

Quotation RequestWhile species misidentification is one clear issue, the creation of international zones in which the harvesting of a single species is regulated, has led to illegal fishing from areas deemed off-limits. In addition, many countries have local and regional regulations concerning approved fishing areas. It is impossible to determine where a particular fish has been caught without DNA analysis, and ACGT, Inc. can help our clients identify illegal fishing activity.

Examples of Substituted Seafood

You Purchase But You Get
Red Snapper Rockfish
Mahi Mahi Yellowtail
Swordfish Mako Shark
Orange Roughy Oreo Dory or John Dory
Cod Alaska Pollock
Halibut Sea Bass
Dover Sole Arrowtooth Flounder
Red Drum (Red Fish; Southern or Gulf) Black Drum
Lake or Yellow Perch (Great Lakes) White Perch
Lake or Yellow Perch (Great Lakes) Zander
Caviar (Sturgeon species) Paddlefish and other Fish Roe
Walleye Sauger
Atlantic Salmon Pacific Salmon
Chum Salmon Pink Salmon
Scallops Skate Wings
Walleye Alaskan Pollock
Salmon Steelhead Trout
Blue Crabmeat Imported Crabmeat
Wild Caught Salmon Farm Raised Salmon
Grouper Channel Catfish

Examples of fish mislabeling:

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