About Us

ACGT, Inc. is a contract research service company that has provided a broad range of DNA sequencing and molecular biology services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, academic, food science and government sectors, since 1993. We have earned a reputation for technical expertise in DNA analysis, top notch customer service and our ability to customize services to achieve each customer’s unique research goals. ACGT, Inc. is GLP compliant and is able to provide data for submission to the FDA and the regulatory agencies.

After eighteen years of serving the research community, we are now applying our genomic services to the seafood industry. We offer our Seafood ID™ services to commercial customers such as fishermen, processors, vendors, restaurants, supermarkets as well as the research community. Whether you are a restaurant owner interested in identification of fish mislabeling or a population biologist, the scientists at ACGT, Inc. are ready to help you. At ACGT, Inc.,