Seafood ID™ from ACGT, Inc.
Since 1993, ACGT, Inc. has been providing reliable DNA sequencing and a suite of contract molecular analysis services to the national and international research community. We serve not only academia, but pharmaceutical corporations, biotechnology companies and clinical research facilities. And now, we offer our expertise in the field of DNA analysis to all segments of the seafood industry.

Our Seafood ID™ services are intended to provide reliable seafood species identification to both consumers and food service providers, from commercial fishermen and catch processors to vendors, restaurants and supermarkets – in short, to anyone who wishes to use the power of DNA-based testing to confirm fish and shellfish identity. Additional DNA genotyping services are also available to research scientists who require a more complete intraspecies differentiation and geographic localization for population biology and conservation science applications. We can also provide “water to table” Seafood ID Hometraceability to our customers.

Our company welcomes all clients – those who require a large-scale analysis of samples from multiple species as well as whose who wish to perform a single species identification test. Our scientists treat each project with the same dedication and attention to detail. As our motto says:

At ACGT,Inc. your project is our passion